St. Patrick's Day drinking and driving causes numerous accidents, injuries, and fatalities each year. These safety tips can help you stay safe. Learn more.

Avoiding Deadly St. Patrick's Day Crashes

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st. patrick's day partiersNo one heads out to a St. Patrick's Day celebration intending to get into a car accident but, with more people drinking and getting behind the wheel, that's often exactly what happens. Approximately one-third of the serious or fatal accidents that occur on St. Patrick's Day are alcohol related, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). These tips can help you avoid being involved in—or being the cause of—a devastating St. Patrick's Day crash.

Avoiding DUIs and Accidents

If you're going to a St. Patrick's Day party and plan to enjoy a few alcoholic beverages, these strategies can help ensure you get home safely without having to worry about inadvertently harming anyone else:

  • Remove the temptation to drive drunk. Plan a ride home in advance and give your keys to a friend. If you can't get a ride with someone you know, take advantage of the many transportation services that offer free, or discounted, rides on holidays like St. Patrick's Day.
  • If you're going with a group of friends, choose the designated driver in advance.
  • Never rely on coffee, food, loud music or an open window to sober you up. Sobriety only comes with time; approximately one hour for every alcoholic beverage you've consumed.

Avoiding Drunk Drivers

Even if you celebrate St. Patrick's Day responsibly you unfortunately still have to worry about sharing the road with other drunk or reckless drivers. These tips may help:

  • Buckle your seat belt. As simple as this sounds, a buckled seat belt is still your best defense against drunk drivers, according to NHTSA.
  • Avoid peak driving times and busy roads. Even on St. Patrick's Day, the majority of accidents occur during the after-work “rush hour” and in the hours between 9 p.m. and midnight.
  • Drive defensively and avoid distractions. Following the speed limit, increasing following distance, and turning off or putting down distractions (like the radio or cell phones) can help you get home safely.

Was Your Accident Caused by a Drunk Driver?

If you were injured in an accident caused by an intoxicated driver, you have legal options. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you sue for compensation for medical bills, property damage and other losses related to the accident. Contact the Andrew Kim Law Firm today to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation initial consultation.

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