With boating season in full swing, it is important to be knowledgeable about boat safety to ensure you and your passengers have a safe boating experience.

Boating Safety Tips | Washington Boat Accident Attorney

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It's summer time! Which means fun in the sun while relaxing on your boat. Washington State has many lakes and waterways for recreational boat use: Lake Washington, Lake Sammamish and Lake Chelan to name a few. As a boat owner, you must be knowledgeable on boat safety. 2 boaters are killed every day all over the United States, with thousands more injured. Washington State Parks provides important safety tips you should know before hitting the water.

-ALWAYS wear a lifejacket. Not only is it a lifesaving flotation device, but it can also give you additional insulation to protect from hypothermia.
-Limit the weight you're carrying on your boat. If overloaded, your boat is less maneuverable and is more likely to capsize.
-If you do capsize, stay close to your boat. It will provide additional floatation support and you'll be spotted quicker and easier by potential rescuers.
-Don't dress for air temperature, but for water temperature. Keep an eye on wave and wind activity and always check the weather forecasts before leaving land.
-Bring extra clothing in the event of cooler temperatures, especially for children- they get colder faster than adults.
-Don't drink and boat. Not only will it affect both your judgment and reaction time, but it is a criminal offense in the State of Washington.
-Store your cell phone in a waterprooff zip lock bag.
-If you are 12 years of age or older, you will need a Mandatory Boater Safety Education card to operate a boat 15 horsepower or more.
-Walk around your boat and check for loose bolts or loose wires or any other potential trouble spots.
-Trade in your old flares for new ones often.
-For at least 4 minutes, allow your blowers to run after you fuel up your boat and before you start the engine.

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