Living with a coup-contrecoup brain injury is difficult. A Seattle catastrophic injury lawyer discusses why.

Seattle Catastrophic Injury Lawyer Discusses Living With a Coup-Contrecoup Brain Injury

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The last time you rode to the store with your spouse was uneventful, until you were involved in a major motor vehicle accident. Your husband’s head hit the driver side window with a great amount of force. This not only injured his brain at the point of impact, but also where his brain collided with the opposite side of his skull. This type of trauma is called a coup-contrecoup injury. Living with this injury can prove to be quite difficult. A Seattle catastrophic injury lawyer explains what you can expect.

Cognitive Effects
Frontal and temporal lobe damage are the most common in coup-contrecoup injuries. In other words, most injuries occur at the front of the brain and the side, underneath the temples. Injuries to the frontal and temporal lobes can result in challenges with decision making ability, difficulty understanding languages, lack of concentration, memory loss, and sensory changes.

Physical Effects
The effects you experience from the coup-contrecoup injury depends on where your brain was injured. It is common for victims who experience this type of injury to suffer from physical problems.  These problems include trouble with swallowing and speaking as well as, muscle weakness, paralysis, and impaired balance and coordination.

Doctors may prescribe medication or perform surgery to stop brain bleeding or swelling. Treatment for the long term effects is not usually available, leaving patients to suffer from their injury for the rest of their lives.  

Has your loved one suffered from coup-contrecoup brain trauma as a result of an accident? If so, contact the Andrew Kim Law Firm to speak with a compassionate catastrophic injury attorney. We may be able to get you the compensation you need to cover the medical bills and your sudden loss of income.

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