Immediately following a car accident—after you’ve been injured but before help has arrived—a first-aid kit can save your life. Come see why and how, here.

First-Aid Can’t Be a Secondary Priority for Car Accident Victims

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First aid kit logoAccording to the National Safety Council, as a result of traffic accidents in 2015, nearly 38,300 people were killed, and more than 4.4 million were injured. Unfortunately, these numbers are not unique when compared to past accident averages. Over the past decade, traffic accidents and injuries have been on the rise. The injuries recorded in 2015 represented a one percent increase from 2014—which already had a high accident rate.

It’s a simple fact—as technologies advance and drivers become more concerned with their electronic devices than with the road, accident rates will continue to increase. If a driver doesn’t pay attention or doesn’t care about safety, eventually he’s going to cause an accident. Despite these discouraging facts, you can still protect your family. Prepping your car for an accident can significantly decrease the severity of your injuries.

There are several guidelines to follow when equipping your car. However, one of the most crucial accessories you must remember is a first-aid kit to include with your car safety supplies.

Importance of a First-Aid Kit  

The risk of sustaining some sort of injury in a car accident (whether minor or severe) is extremely probable. The force of even a minor collision can be strong enough to cause lacerations, burns, or a host of other significant injuries. Depending on the severity of these injuries, delayed treatment could make the difference between a superficial cut and life-threatening trauma.

When stocking your first-aid kit, you need to remember the following:

  • It is better to be prepared and not need something, than need something and not be prepared.
  • A well-stocked first-aid kit can help you effectively stop bleeding, relieve pain, and calm you and your passengers during an emergency. In some situations, the mere knowledge that you have the kit is enough to provide comfort.
  • A complete guide on how to use the materials in the kit can help both younger passengers and anxious adults gather confidence and use the items effectively. You may also want to consider taking a first-aid course through the American Red Cross to ensure your own knowledge.
  • A quick check sheet on the outside of the kit can help you stay organized. The sheet should include a full inventory (which is kept up to date when items are used) as well as the expiration date of each perishable item. This tip will allow you to verify expiration dates and stock so you can resupply without having to reorganize the entire kit.

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