Experiencing a traumatic brain injury is difficult for anyone, but more so for children. Many face challenges beyond the physical and will need special help.

The Challenges Children With Traumatic Brain Injuries Face

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Children experience a variety of stresses that their parents often don’t realize. For instance, fitting it with friends, trying to manage their emotions and thoughts, keeping up with school, and figuring out how to make their parents happy are just a few. When it comes down to it, being a child is often difficult.

Now add the experience of a traumatic brain injury (TBI) to the mix. Your child has to learn how to cope with this devastating injury, all the while trying to deal with the other stresses in his life.

Challenges Your Child May Face Due to His TBI

The road to recovery from a TBI is often long, painful, and frustrating. Your child will likely face setbacks and other challenges during the healing process, including:

  • His physical appearance. Traumatic brain injuries don’t just leave scars on the inside; they can make their presence known on the outside, as well. Stitches, braces, a shaved head, and cuts are just a few of the marks of a TBI and children are often ashamed and disturbed about their appearance after the injury. He may not want to leave the house or socialize with anyone because he is upset by the way he looks.
  • Cognitive changes. TBIs can affect your child’s memory, personality, likes and dislikes, and more. He may not understand why now he doesn’t enjoy the same activities he once used to, or why you don’t trust him by himself anymore. This confusion can make him worry that he doesn’t know who he is anymore, or may not return to the person he once was.
  • His capabilities. Depending on the type of TBI and its severity, your child may experience physical setbacks. Running or even walking may be difficult and he could require help to perform these tasks. Holding objects, drawing, writing, or other activities he had once mastered may seem impossible now. As you may imagine, learning how to do these things again is often aggravating and depressing.

Don’t Let Your Child’s Injury Stop You From Taking Action

We understand that your first priority is helping your child, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pursue legal action against the person who did this to your family. The Andrew Kim Law Firm believes that you are likely owed compensation for the injury, and wants to do what it can to make that happen. Call us today at 800.636.3676 to request your free consultation and begin to get the justice you deserve.

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