Dog bites send many people to the hospital every year, with crush injuries accounting for a significant proportion of them.

Crush Injuries That Can Occur When You’ve Been Attacked by a Dog

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Seattle has earned many accolades for its varied features for city residents. The city’s scores of running trails regular garner significant praise from visitors and urban planners.

As a Seattle resident, you enjoy jogging around your city on the weekends and at night whenever you get the chance. This morning, you went to Green Lake. Although this area is typically crowded, you simply love the sights you see.

As you jogged, a dog bounded away from its owner and attacked you, and you have no idea why. It jumped on your back, forcing you to the ground. It then began to bite you until its owner was able to pull it away. Your trip to the emergency room informed you that you suffered from crush injuries as well as lacerations from the attack.

What You Need to Know About Crush Injuries

Crush Injury Basics

Crush injuries occur when body parts are subject to extreme force or pressure, usually after being squeezed in between two objects. The force of a dog’s jaw can cause a bone to fracture, even if lacerations or punctures aren’t present because of the protection offered by clothing.

Damage Related to Crushing Injuries

Crush injuries are often more complicated than simple fractures because of the method in which the bones are broken. Damage that can occur along with the crush injury includes bleeding, nerve injury, bruising, secondary infection, and compartment syndrome.

Treating Crush Injuries

If you receive a dog bite, head to the emergency room immediately. On your way there, you can apply pressure to the injured area to suppress any bleeding. Cover the area with a wet cloth or bandage, and raise the injury above your heart, if possible. Further treatment for the injury depends on its severity, but can include surgery.

The Andrew Kim Law Firm has helped many Seattle residents who were attacked by dogs receive the compensation they deserve. Call us today to find out if we can do the same for you!

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