Do you enjoy jogging on Seattle streets? Learn how a negligent driver could cause your injuries and why you need an attorney to obtain the damages you deserve.

Runners Face Dangers of Injuries or Death Due to Negligent Drivers

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dangers to runners in seattleMany Seattle-area residents enjoy jogging on city streets. Unfortunately, runners face a risk of being seriously injured in a pedestrian accident caused by a negligent driver. This can result in a devastating injury that can not only prevent them from running but also from performing their job duties for months—or permanently. Fortunately, victims of these accidents may be able to recover compensation for their injuries from the negligent party, but they will need the help of an experienced pedestrian accident attorney to do so.

Common Causes of Runner Accidents

Drivers of passenger vehicles and trucks have a duty to watch for runners, walkers, bicyclists, and other pedestrians. While they can run on sidewalks in some places, many runners choose to run on the side of the road. Here are just some of the ways negligent motorists and truck drivers injure them:

  • When drivers are distracted by talking on a cellphone, texting, or other activities, they can fail to see a nearby runner or veer onto the road shoulder and hit him without realizing it.
  • Drunk and drugged drivers have slower reaction times, reduced vision, and impaired driving abilities which can make it difficult for them to see a nearby runner or respond quickly to avoid hitting him.
  • Negligent drivers who fail to yield the right of way at stop signs and intersections or when making turns can cause a jogger to suffer life-altering injuries or death.
  • In neighborhoods, some drivers fail to see a nearby person running when backing up, with tragic consequences for the runner.
  • If a driver is speeding, he has less control over his vehicle and less ability to slow or stop suddenly if he needs to in order to avoid a jogger.

Comparative Negligence in Runner Accidents

In some cases, a runner’s own negligence could contribute to an accident. Many runners listen to music while running that could make it difficult for them to hear nearby vehicles. In this situation, a runner could be found comparatively negligent, and his percentage of fault could reduce the amount of compensation he receives. For example, if he was 20 percent negligent in causing his accident, the negligent driver may only be responsible for reimbursing him for 80 percent of his damages.

Are you a runner who was injured in an accident caused by a driver of a vehicle? Because your claim may be worth more due to your severe injuries, the insurance company for the negligent driver could fight harder and longer to deny or reduce your claim. You need an experienced pedestrian accident attorney to hold the driver accountable. To find out how we can help, take advantage of our free consultation. Call our office today and schedule your appointment.

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