Helping a child get past the emotional trauma of a dog bite is difficult, but it’s even harder if she’s left with a facial scar. Here’s how you can help.

When the Scars Are Visible: Helping Your Child Get Past a Dog Bite on the Face

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Your daughter was visiting a friend in Tacoma who has a small dog. She’s played with the canine several times without incident, but this past time, the dog lunged at her and ended up biting her in the face, narrowly missing her eye.

You rushed her to St. Joseph Medical Center where she received careful treatment, including stitches. Along with the emotional scars of the situation, you’re worried about how your daughter will handle the physical evidence on her face.

Before You Can Help

Children, especially females, are often concerned with their appearances, particularly as they enter their teenage years. Most adolescents already feel self-conscious about themselves, but this awkwardness is amplified when a facial scar comes into play. Before you are able to help your daughter, you’ll first need to understand what she is going through.

  • The emotional pain. Understand that every time she looks in the mirror, she will see the scar, and remember the terrifying events that caused it. She may also never feel comfortable around dogs again, and even experience anxiety and nightmares because of the incident.
  • The judgment from others. Unlike a dog bite scar on her arm or leg, your daughter can’t hide this scar that is in plain sight. Other children may laugh at her or she may receive uncomfortable stares from others. This scrutiny can make her feel as though people are judging her.
  • The impact on her self-esteem. She might be so aware of the scar she doesn’t engage anymore. She may drop out of clubs or sports she once belonged to because she feels so negatively about herself. Not participating in activities she once enjoyed can cause depression and anxiety.

Once you understand what she is going through, you can begin to focus on what you can say that may help your daughter get through her trauma. You may also want to enlist the help of a professional to help her gain her confidence and life back again.

Let Us Help You

The legal team at the Andrew Kim Law Firm has helped many dog bite victims in the Seattle area get the compensation they deserved and we may be able to do the same for you. Contact us today to learn how.

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