A Seattle dog bite attorney shares dog attack injury prevention tips for parents of infants and young babies—children who are very susceptible to dog bites.

Dog Bite Prevention Tips for the Parents of Infants & Babies

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This week, we have been discussing tragic cases in which family dogs attack infants and babies. These dog bite incidents are often severe or even fatal—and many of them are preventable. Below, we shared a few general safety tips for pet-owning parents welcoming new babies into their home: 

  • Never leave your baby alone with a dog. It doesn’t matter if the dog has been your pet for years. It doesn’t matter how big the dog is or what breed it is. It doesn’t matter if the dog has never shown aggression. 
  • When the baby is sleeping, close the door or kennel the dog. Since you cannot be with your child every moment of the day, be sure that the child is secure when you are not with her. Close the baby in a room when sleeping and close your dog in a secure area. 
  • Introduce the baby to the dog slowly and carefully. The dog may be threatened or alarmed by this change. Allow the dog to get to know the baby, but safely. Start the dog on the leash and begin with keeping the baby at a distance. 
  • Pay close attention to your dog’s reaction to the child. All of your focus may be on the baby, but your dog is likely going through a lot during this time. Be sure to keep regularly exercising, socializing, and feeding your dog—and pay attention to any behavioral changes that appear around the time you bring your baby home. 
  • Realize your baby could unknowingly provoke your dog. Children who are mobile but young may not realize that they are harming a dog, pulling its fur, or poking its eye. These actions can lead to a vicious attack by even the gentlest dog. 


Even a single dog bite can be devastating to an infant or a small child. If your baby has been injured by a dog and you believe negligence was involved, you may wish to speak with a Seattle dog bite injury lawyer. Call Andrew Kim today: 800-636-3676. 

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