Facial trauma is a common yet overlooked type of car accident injury. Click here to learn the true impact these injuries can have on their victims.

Facial Injuries Are More Than Skin Deep for Collision Victims

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surviving facial injuries in car crashFacial injuries are extremely common in both front and rear-end collisions. In fact, the same impact forces that can throw your neck forward and cause whiplash can also place you at risk for severe facial trauma, as your face is thrown into the dashboard, steering wheel, or windshield with extreme force. This impact can lead to serious trauma, including the following:

  • Lacerations. Broken glass, flying debris, and facial impacts can all result in severe cuts, bruises, and deep gashes in the skin. Although these cuts may not be fatal, they could be life-altering by causing significant facial scarring.
  • Broken nose. A fractured nose is one of the most common facial injuries sustained in a car accident. Your nose is the furthest protruding feature on your face and, as a result, when your head is being thrown around a confined space, such as the cab of a car, your nose is vulnerable to impact.
  • Dislocated jaw. Frontal airbags and dashboards play a significant role in facial injuries. Depending on the angle of your head during a collision, the force of an airbag inflating can essentially punch you in the jaw. Since the purpose of the airbag is to prevent you from hitting the dashboard, the acceleration rate of the bag’s deployment is extremely high, and can easily dislocate your jaw, loosen teeth, and break bones.
  • Orbital fractures. The impact force of your face hitting the dashboard, an airbag, or other debris can cause the delicate bones surrounding your eye socket to crack or shatter. An orbital fracture is especially dangerous, as pieces of chipped bone can lodge themselves in the eye itself, creating lacerations and opening the eye up for infection.

Psychological Effects of Deforming Facial Trauma

An unfortunate truth about facial injuries is that the majority of wounds will leave a permanent reminder of the incident. Lacerations will most likely leave scars. Broken noses and jaws have the potential to cause severe swelling which can inhibit the proper mending of the bones, while orbital fractures can cause permanent vision problems. Although these effects aren’t necessarily life-threatening, they can create severe psychological problems that can ultimately disrupt a victim’s quality of life.

For many victims, facial trauma sustained in a car accident isn’t easy to get over. It can stay with them for the rest of their lives. Therefore, you should never allow anyone, whether it be a family member, friend, or even an insurance adjuster, to downplay your injuries or tell you that they aren’t serious. You are the only person who can know the depth of your injuries and what they mean. 

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