A Seattle injury attorney shares four causes of traumatic brain injuries in Washington State: falls, vehicle accidents, violence, and recreational sports.

Four Top Causes of Traumatic Brain Injuries

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How do traumatic brain injuries happen? Very simply, brain damage occurs when an impact causes the brain to slam against the skull, or when an object directly impacts the brain. As you might guess, many of these accidents involve blunt force trauma, motor vehicles, and falls. Let’s take a closer look at the numbers:

  • Slip and falls. According for the Centers for Disease Control, falls are the leading cause of traumatic brain injury – about 35 percent of all brain injuries result from a fall. Young children and seniors are most likely to suffer brain damage due to a fall.
  • Vehicle accidents. One out of three brain injury deaths is caused by vehicle accidents and collisions, such as car accidents, truck accidents, bike accidents, motorcycle accidents, and pedestrian accidents. About one in five TBIs involves a vehicle.
  • Violence. About one in ten traumatic brain injuries is caused by an assault, such as physical violence, gun shots, or blows to the head. Military personnel often receive TBIs through violence, while another common victim of this type of brain injuries is shaken babies.
  • Recreational sports. A traumatic brain injury can occur in any sport, but the highest number of TBIs in athletes comes from football, hockey, horse riding, skateboarding, biking, skiing, and boxing. An increasing number of TBIs has resulted from the popularity of extreme sports, such as dirt biking, snowmobiling, surfing, and base jumping.

While some traumatic brain injuries are the result of senseless accidents, others could have and should have been prevented, if not for someone else’s negligence. To learn more about whether or not you could receive compensation for a TBI, contact the Andrew Kim Law Firm today. An experienced Seattle injury attorney, Andrew Kim can listen to your story and outline your options for action during a private legal consultation: 800-636-3676. 

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