Children trip and fall. That almost seems to be a built-in part of childhood, but serious head injuries can result. Here, we discuss the signs of a head injury.

What Every Parent Needs to Know: The Symptoms of a Head Injury After a Slip and Fall Accident

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You dropped your teenager off at a friend’s pool party in Tacoma. You are close with the teen’s parents and felt comfortable leaving her in their care. A few hours later, however, you learn your daughter slipped on a wet pool deck and fell. Her head hit the ground with force and she was now complaining of a headache.

Traumatic brain injuries are common among children who suffer slip and fall injuries. Depending on their severity, these injuries can have lasting and damage effects.

The Symptoms of Serious Head Injuries After a Slip and Fall

Hitting one’s head can cause a variety of different injuries, including concussions, diffuse axonal injury, coup-contrecoup injuries, and contusions. Here are some of the signs your child could be suffering from a serious injury:

  • She has a seizure after the incident
  • She has head, neck, or back pain
  • She has difficulty walking normally
  • She vomits more than two times after hitting her head
  • She cannot focus her eyes normally
  • She is confused or disoriented
  • She becomes very tired or has difficulty waking up

If you haven’t already taken her to receive a medical examination, you should do so immediately if she begins displaying any of these symptoms.

A Lawyer Can Fight for Her Rights

Your daughter may experience effects from the head injury for the rest of her life. If you believe someone should pay for this negligence, we want to help.

The attorneys of the Andrew Kim Law Firm want to help you seek justice for your child’s injury. Contact us today by filling out our online form or giving us a call. The sooner we begin, the faster you and your child can move on with your lives.

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