Speeding when riding a bicycle is dangerous. Here, we explain how speeding bike riders cause accidents with other vehicles, bicyclists, and pedestrians.

Did a Speeding Bicyclist Cause You to Suffer Injuries in an Accident?

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speeding bicycleUnder Washington laws, bicycle riders are required to follow the same basic safety laws as motorists who they share the road with. This includes obeying the laws against speeding and riding at a safe speed so as not to not be the cause of an accident. Unfortunately, some bicyclists, like motorcycle riders and passenger vehicle drivers, speed. When they do so, they can be the cause of an accident that can lead to victims suffering serious injuries or death.

How Does Speeding While Riding a Bike Result in Accidents?

When a bicyclist is speeding, he can cause an accident with another bicycle, pedestrian, motor vehicle, truck, or motorcycle—sometimes with deadly consequences for others or the bicyclist. Here is how speeding can cause a collision:

  • Loss of control. When a bicycle rider is speeding, he could lose control of his bike and be unable to avoid a pedestrian, car, or bicycle in his path. This can be especially dangerous for pedestrians who could be hit by a swerving vehicle or bike or run right into oncoming traffic or pedestrians in an effort to avoid the bicycle. This can also be a danger for groups of bicyclists who have nowhere to go to avoid a collision.
  • Inability to stop. Just like speeding car or truck, a speeding bicycle will be unable to stop quickly if the vehicle in front of him slows or stops suddenly. In this situation, the bicycle rider could be the cause of a rear-end collision
  • Failure to obey traffic laws at intersections. When a bicycle rider is speeding, he may try to beat or run a red light or fail to stop at a stop sign, endangering you or a family member who has the right of way at the intersection.
  • Weather conditions. A bicycle rider must ride for weather conditions. Speeding in rain, fog, snow, or ice can result in the rider losing control of his bike or being unable to stop when he needs to.

Is a Negligent Bicycle Rider Liable for Compensating You for Your Injuries?

If you suffered injuries or property damage due to an accident caused by the bicyclist, he is responsible for compensating you for your injuries. However, filing a claim with his insurance company could be more challenging than in a car accident because the insurance company may argue about their responsibility for compensating you. You will need the assistance of an experienced bicycle accident attorney to determine what insurance policies he has that could provide coverage. Possible sources of insurance include:

  • His auto insurance policy
  • His renter’s insurance policy
  • His homeowner’s insurance policy

If you were injured in a bicycle accident, our experienced legal team is here to determine all possible avenues of compensation for you so that you receive the settlement you deserve. To schedule your free consultation, call our office today.

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