Are the items in your living room dangerous to your children? Find out which items must be secured to the wall to preventing falling furniture accidents.

Anchoring Can Prevent Falling Furniture Accidents and Injuries to Children

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old TVs pose falling danger to childrenThere are many things new parents need to do in order to welcome a new child into their homes. As people reorganize and childproof their houses, they often overlook many potential hazards to newborns and toddlers: the freestanding furniture and appliances in every room of the home.

Safety Tips to Prevent a Children’s Furniture Injury

Furniture and TV tip-overs cause thousands of injuries and several child deaths per year. Teetering dressers and heavy televisions can come down on a child with relatively little force, and children who run, jump, or even pull themselves up using the items around them can bring household items crashing down.

Identifying problem areas in your home is the first step toward preventing injuries. The biggest causes of tip-over accidents include:

  • Tabletop televisions. Older and heavier televisions should only be placed on furniture that is able to hold their weight and size. Lower, wider furniture is often best, since it keeps the TV’s center of gravity low. Even if the TV is not made to be wall-mounted, both the stand and the TV should still be anchored to the wall.
  • Wall-mounted TVs. It is best to mount flat-screen TVs to the wall using the proper brackets and hardware according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Furniture. Any top-heavy furniture and all bookcases and dressers in the home should be anchored to the wall with mounting brackets. It is not enough to mount only the furniture in a child’s room, as children playing indoors often go into rooms they are not allowed in.
  • Tempting objects. Just as climbing causes accidents on playgrounds, it is a major factor in tip-over injuries. Children often use dressers as ladders by opening the drawers and climbing to the top. In addition to mounting dressers to the wall, it is a good idea to remove decorations, toys, treats, videos, remote controls, and any other objects a child could find tempting from the tops of dressers and cupboards.

In addition to anchoring furniture, parents should teach children as early as possible about the dangers of tip-over accidents. When used in combination, teaching and anchoring are the best ways to save a child’s life. If your child was injured by an unsafe product, call our offices today to speak to an experienced Seattle kids safety attorney.

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