A Seattle dog bite injury attorney discusses four things that you should never do in the event that you must attempt to break up a dog fight.

In the Event of a Dog Fight, NEVER…

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This week we discussed what you should do if you see a dog attacking another person. But what you should you do if you see a dog fight that doesn’t involve humans? The answer depends largely on the individual situation as well as your familiarity with dogs and dog behavior. But here are some things you should never do to break up a dog fight:

  • Do NOT step in to break up two strange dogs fighting. If you do not own either dog and if no humans are in danger, don’t get tangled in a dogfight. The dogs may be diseased and you can be seriously injured. The only good reason to get mixed up in a dog fight is if you are protecting your own pet or if a person is in danger.

  • Do NOT get into the middle of the fight. Many people’s first instinct is to grab for their dog’s collar, but this is where the other dog will be directing bites. Others want to crouch next to their dog to get control – but this puts their face on the level with the biting dogs. Instead, lift the dog’s rear legs off of the ground and walk it away from the fight wheelbarrow-style.

  • Do NOT yell and scream. It’s a natural reaction to shout, wave your arms, and panic, but these actions may just rile up the animals further. Stay calm and take deliberate actions.

  • Do NOT shrug off the dog attack after it is over. Be sure to think about why the attack happened, whether your dog was an instigator, and what you could have done to prevent the incident. If more people paid attention to how dog fights happened, more dog-on-human attacks could be prevented.

Never forget that dogs are animals – even your pets have instincts to fight in certain situations. If you have been bitten by a dog in Washington, the owner of the pet or the owner of the property where the bite occurred may be at fault. Call the Andrew Kim Law Firm today to speak with a Seattle dog bite injury attorney.

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