A recent investigation into faulty door latches show potential risk for drivers and may cause recall problems for Ford. Click here for more information.

Ford Focus Faults | Are Your Car Doors Putting You At Risk?

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Safe driving depends not only on a driver’s abilities but also the safety of the car being driven. A driver can be paying attention and driving defensively, yet still be involved in a catastrophic accident as a result of a mechanical issue in his car. Defective car parts have caused hundreds of thousands of injuries, a fair amount of fatal accidents, and a host of recalls over the past century.

What these recalls show is that even a minor fault can cause serious risk—which is exactly what Ford discovered after numerous complaints about a faulty door latch.

NHTSA Investigation into Owner Complaints

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) investigates consumer complaints of vehicle faults. It announced in January that it will set its sight on Ford as a result of numerous complaints focusing on the inability of the doors on the 2012-2013 Ford Focus to shut and latch properly. The complaints ranged in exact issue and included the following concerns:

  • Secuirty. Complaints state that the door doesn’t fully secure when shut, posing injury risks and potential risks for theft.
  • Rebound injury. An owner claimed that an injury resulted from a door swinging back, rather than latching as it should have done when slammed shut.
  • Opening risks. Many complaints illustrated that owners had to tie their doors shut to prevent them from opening. One owner even cited that his door flew open while driving on the highway.

Ford experienced a similar problem on more than 540,000 Lincoln MKZs and Ford Fusions, as well as 205,000 Ford Fiesta models in 2015 which resulted in a massive recall. The company admitted that due to similarities and concerns, it will investigate the issue but does not plan on recalling the models at this time. NHTSA will also continue to investigate the problem and if its findings produce more evidence of risk, it may pressure Ford to reconsider its position on recalling the defective model.

For more information on car safety issues, feel free to browse our extensive library of articles. We are dedicated to the safety or our friends and neighbors in the Bellevue area and are happy to offer this important safety information.

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