Boats are designed to stay upright, but what happens when they don’t? Allow us to educate you on your risks for capsizing injuries before it’s too late.

When Your Boat Capsizes, You Could Be Seriously Injured

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Boating is a popular pastime in the Bellevue area. We are surrounded by beautiful lakes and bays and we are a stone’s throw from Puget Sound and the Pacific Ocean. However, it is all too easy to find yourself in trouble out on the open water. Rough weather, poor handling, an intoxicated driver, or a crash with another boat can all lead to your boat capsizing. Learn about the risks of capsizing and the injuries you could suffer.

Common Capsizing Injuries

When you’re aboard a capsizing boat, you can suffer catastrophic injuries that could potentially be fatal. These injuries include:

  • Impact injuries. The force with which you hit the water can cause severe injuries such as lacerations, broken bones, hemorrhages, or brain and spinal injuries.
  • Crushing injuries. In addition to injuries sustained when you hit an object, when an object hits you, you’re susceptible to injuries caused by being crushed—especially if the “object” is the boat itself.
  • Debris injuries. When a boat capsizes, everything loose on the boat will wind up in the water as well. As the debris floats around you, it can crash into you, fall on you, trap you, or prevent you from staying above the water.
  • Propeller wounds. Depending on the location where you fall into the water, the current creeated by the boat can suck you toward the still-turning propeller. If you’re unable to break free from the current, you run the risk of getting pulled underwater, getting sliced by the propeller, or suffering severe impact injuries from the propeller.
  • Drowning. You risk inhaling excessive amounts of water anytime you’re forced to submerge. These risks are drastically increased if you’re already injured, unconscious, or panicked when you become submerged.
  • Dry-drowning. Even if you survive the initial sinking, if you swallowed or inhaled water, you run the risk of irritating your throat and suffocating later.

A Helping Hand When You’re In Trouble

If you’ve recently been injured in a boating accident and need help with your injury claim, contact us today. We will fight to help turn your life back around. Just because your boat capsized, doesn’t mean your life has to be turned upside down. Contact our office today and allow us to prove why having an experienced lawyer is the first step to getting the settlement you deserve.

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