Low-speed motorcycle accidents can cause serious injury, but many can be prevented simply through rider education. A Seattle injury attorney shares tips.

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Motorcyle Accidents

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Motorcyle Accidents

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Preventing Low-Speed Motorcycle Accidents in Seattle

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Not all Washington motorcycle accidents take place on the interstate going 70-miles-per-hour or involve illegal speeding. In fact, most motorcycle accidents occur under speeds of just 35-miles-per-hour. While many bikers understand the dangers of riding on a highway or interstate, fewer are as familiar with the skills needed to ride a bike safely at lower speeds and in urban areas. The cause of most low speed motorcycle accidents? Rider inexperience. Below, we have shared a few bike safety tips that we hope can prevent future low-speed motorcycle accidents and injuries:

Washington motorcycle safety tips:

  • Remember balance and posture. Proper posture is always important on a bike, regardless of your speed. But at slow speeds, balancing on your motorcycle is more difficult and mistakes can easily lead to a toppled bike and serious injuries. Keep your feet on the foot pegs and be highly away of weight transfer while riding.
  • Beware the front brake. Lots of low-speed motorcycle crashes occur when an inexperienced rider applies the front brake while making a low speed turn. The front brake can be too strong at slow speeds and cause you to lose control. Use the rear brake only in these situations.
  • Understand your clutch. A slipping clutch is the cause of many low-speed bike accidents. Learning to control your clutch at slow speeds takes practice – and riders should note that clutches may vary significantly from bike to bike.
  • Look for hazards ahead. Riders at slow speeds have a tendency to not look far enough ahead for hazards and traffic. Since slower speed limit zones are located in busier areas with more complex traffic, it is vital that you look ahead and are prepared for what’s coming.
  • Don’t get distracted. When riding at slower speeds, you are likely in a neighborhood, town, or city. When traveling slowly on your motorcycle, it is easy to become distracted by what is happening around you. Remember to always be focused on your bike and the road.

Just because your motorbike accident occurred at a slow speed does not mean that it was not serious. To speak to Seattle motorcycle injury attorney Andrew Kim about your case, call today: 800.636.3676.

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