A Seattle bike accident attorney shares safety tips for Washington cyclists who plan on riding in groups along streets, highways, and other roadways.

Safety Tips for Cyclist Groups and Group Riding

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After a teenaged boy was killed during a group charity ride, Washington bike safety advocates are reminding all riders to know the potential dangers of biking in large groups. Below, we’ve shared some general safety tips for cyclists who are planning to ride in groups of two or more: 

  • Designate group leaders. One danger of biking in groups is the tendency for one cyclist to simply follow the person in front of them. When groups have both leaders in the front and in the rear, bikers know who is in charge and who is making safe decisions. 
  • Plan your route before you leave. Before you embark, look at a map and find a safe route to your destination that avoids roads with heavy traffic and dangerous intersections. You may even wish to avoid a route with dangerous left turns. 
  • Understand intersections. Brief everyone before you leave with exactly how the group will handle intersections and stop signs. Stop at intersections in a straight line and avoid large, unorganized clumps of bikers. 
  • Avoid sudden movements. Some group cycling accidents take place when bikers collide with each other, sometimes causing chain-reaction crashes, and sometimes resulting in collisions with motor vehicles. To prevent these accidents, give each biker adequate space even when drafting, and let bikers know when you are directly behind them. 
  • Let cars pass. Although you have a right to use the road just as other vehicles do, be courteous, and let cars pass that have been patiently driving behind you for some time. This practice isn’t just kind, it will also prevent cars from passing in a dangerous manner.

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