If you ever ride a bike in Seattle, you should understand that cyclists are legally obligated to come to a full stop at all red lights and stop signs.

Seattle Bike Accident Prevention: Obey Red Lights & Stop Signs

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In May, witnesses say that a bike rider was struck and killed by a van at the intersection of Pike Street and Boren Avenue on Capitol Hill in Seattle, moments after the cyclist ran a red light. In 2010, another Washington cyclist was seriously injured while allegedly running a red light; this time at the intersection of First Avenue Northeast and North 145th Street. While the latter cyclist survived, he suffered multiple broken bones and a head injury. 

Even for Bikes, Red Means Stop, Every Time

Sadly, far too many bikers—from children to experienced cyclists—are seriously injured or killed when they ignore the rules of the road and run red lights and stop signs. A surprising number of people do not realize that bikes must obey the majority of traffic laws that pertain to motor vehicles. Another group of bikers understands these laws but ignores them, often when traveling downhill or when the road is free from traffic.

Always remember: 

  • Bikes must stop at ALL traffic lights and stop signs, just like cars, trucks, and motorcycles. 
  • Bike riders must come to a full, three-second stop—just like cars. Take your feet off of your pedals and put them on the pavement!
  • You must stop until the light turns green, even if no motor vehicles are coming. Bike riders are more likely to continue through a stoplight after pausing, perhaps because they feel it is harmless. Unfortunately, a number of cyclist injuries and deaths occur this way. 

For cars and bikes to share the road safely, everyone must obey the rules of the road. If cyclists wish to be treated with the same consideration of other vehicles on the road, then they must follow the same rules as those vehicles.

Washington Bike Accident Attorney 

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