A Seattle pedestrian accident attorney shares accident prevention tips regarding the growing problem of walking while distracted by mobile devices and cell phones.

Seattle Distracted Walking Accidents: Prevention Tips

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This month, we have been discussing the dangers of distracted walking: walking while talking on the cell phone, walking while texting, or even walking while reading a book or playing a video game. Walking while distracted accident rates have skyrocketed with the growing use of mobile technology—but we can take small steps to reduce the number of injuries suffered by pedestrians who don’t have their eye on the sidewalk: 

  • Watch where you are going! Yes, this seems like the easiest and most obvious safety tip ever, but most distracted walking cases involve a pedestrian who has their eyes glued to a mobile device instead of on the street or sidewalk. Not only can you walk into trouble, but you can remain oblivious to approaching dangers. 
  • Be sure you can hear the world around you. Seeing may be your most important sense, but hearing is also important to being aware of your surroundings. If you have headphones on and can’t hear anything but your music, you may not hear emergency sirens, an approaching train, or a speeding car. 
  • Understand that your online world can wait. If you can’t wait a few minutes to check your phone, send a text, or write an email, it may be time to evaluate your relationship with your smart phone. Technology has improved some aspects of our lives—and harmed others. If you can’t take a walk without being plugged in, you may want to limit your screen time. The alternative could lead to accidents and injury. 

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