When pursuing an injury claim, you may have to prove that the defendant breached his legal duty of care. Come learn more about DOC and what you need to prove.

Essential Proof Required to Pursue an Injury Claim and Recover Damages

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In order to pursue a successful personal injury claim, you must be able to establish negligence through Duty of Care (DOC) Laws. Once you have gathered the appropriate evidence against the defendant, you and your attorney can begin to assess your claim’s value and how to proceed with a settlement.  

Proving Negligence With Duty of Care Laws 

Duty of care is the legal obligation of each individual to adhere to a standard of reasonable care while doing anything that could foreseeably harm others. This may apply to the driver of a car, the owner of a property, a medical professional—really anyone whose actions could harm another person. In a personal injury claim, proving that a duty of care was owed can be difficult, especially when you attempt to pursue the claim without an experienced lawyer.

In addition to gathering evidence to prove that a DOC should have been followed, you must also prove the following:

  • The defendant owed you a duty of care. Was the defendant engaging in an act that could obviously have been foreseen as dangerous or potentially harmful to you?
  • The defendant beached the duty of care. If the defendant was indeed engaged in potentially harmful activities, did his actions deliberately put you in danger? Could he have avoided injuring you?
  • The breach caused your injuries. Did his negligent actions directly result tin your injuries? Can a doctor or medical professional verify this?
  • Your injuries are significant. Are the injuries the defendant’s actions caused severe? Did they require medical treatment? Will the injuries disrupt your quality of life?

Proof Is Important

With over two decades’ worth of experience working with victims such as yourself, we’ve seen our fair share of injury claims related to a breach of duty of care. We know how to acquire the necessary evidence for your claim—anything from medical records, documentation, and expert testimonies to video footage and detailed analyses of the accident. Don’t take a chance on your recovery by going at it alone. Fill out our convenient contact form to set up your free consultation. We’re waiting to help you investigate your options and ensure your injury claim is a success.


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