If you know your dog poses a threat to visitors, you may be legally liable for any injuries it causes if it attacks.

Its Bite May Be Worse Than Its Bark: Could Your Dog Cause a Seattle Dog Bite Injury?

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Does your local Northgate mailman cringe every time he approaches your front door? Maybe your friends have decided that “movie night” should be switched to someone else’s house because everyone’s afraid of your dog? Or maybe Spot just got kicked out of doggie daycare at The Dog Resort for nipping at every employee there.

Your dog’s behavior—good or bad—can impact your life in significant ways. Deciding how best to deal with an aggressive dog can be one of the most difficult decisions you might have to make.

Having an aggressive dog as a pet can become a great cause for concern. Dog attacks and bites can be very serious, causing victims scarring disfigurement, lifelong anxiety, and a host of other medical problems. Owning a dog known for its aggressiveness can ultimately be a financial liability for any individual.

If you are trying to decide whether or not to keep your dog, send it to a canine therapist, or even to a special training school, there are a few things to consider.

  • Dog size. A large dog that is aggressive is typically more dangerous than a small one that barks a lot.
  • Age. Younger dogs are easier to train and correct when aggressive behavior is a problem.
  • Bite history. If your dog has a history of aggressive behavior, then it may prove to be a greater liability.
  • Predictability. Does your dog always become aggressive under certain circumstances or triggers, or does it become temperamental randomly? Erratic behavior is extremely difficult to prevent or foresee.
  • Severity of aggression. Does your dog growl, bark, show its teeth, lunge forward, gnaw, or bite? Some acts of aggression are rather harmless, while others can be damaging.

Trying to decide how to best manage a situation when your family pet happens to be a very aggressive dog can be a difficult decision. But if you know your dog can be extremely dangerous and fail to properly train or restrain your pet, you could be held legally liable if your mailman gets injured from a dog bite attack.

If you have any questions about dog bite attacks and Washington’s dog bite liability laws, please contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

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