Children are injured all the time at day care facilities, but when it’s because of negligence, someone should be held accountable.

If Your Child Safe at Day Care? Unfortunately, Probably Not

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You’ve often wondered how the staff at your son’s day care facility stayed sane. With the constant screaming, crying, and movement of children, you commend all the employees there for their patience. As much as you appreciate what they do, you can’t help but feel upset and angered when you find out your child broke his arm while under their care.

You understand that day care facilities are constantly busy and frantic. You also know that accidents happen. But you believe the facility should be held responsible for your son’s medical bills, since the fracture occurred because he slipped on a wet spot in the bathroom and landed on the floor in an awkward position.

What You Can Do

You don’t want to cause any problems, but you really aren’t sure you can pay the thousands of dollars in medical bills you have now because of the accident. Filing a personal injury claim against the daycare may help you recover those fees. But in order to win your case, you’ll need to:

  • Prove the employees knew about the spill. Daycare employees have seen it all, and as a result, should expect it all, as well. If an employee saw the spill on the floor and didn’t clean it up, the facility could be held liable. By interviewing the staff and other parents or children who were there at the time of the accident, you may dig up the information you need to win your case and prove that someone left the spill there.
  • Take pictures. Although the spill will most likely disappear before you get to pick up your son, bring your camera phone anyways and take pictures. You may be able to spot evidence of the spill and where the injury took place, which increases your chances of getting the outcome you desire.

Taking the Next Step Towards Justice

After you bring your child home from the hospital, give the Andrew Kim Law Firm a call. We want to talk to you about your situation and attempt to help you get the compensation you deserve.

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