Insurance companies often aim to get out of paying their policy holders their settlements, and use a variety of tactics to do so.

Sneaky Ways the Insurance Company Will Attempt to Withhold Your Settlement

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The insurance company thinks it’s in its best interest to deny your claim. Why? Because in doing so, it saves money…and it feeds its profits by continuing to collect your premium payments. As a result, many legitimate claims are denied for no reason other than the company doesn’t want to give up what it owes you.

This is fundamentally unfair. Unfortunately, the odds are against you because you don’t know the tricks insurance adjusters use to block your winning moves.

Talking with an insurance adjuster can be equated to a game of chess: everything he says is calculated and is intended to undermine your claim. He wants you to tell him you are injury-free—and even provide recorded testimony to that effect. However, never fall for this tactic, or the others that so many companies use to keep their policyholders from getting the settlements they deserve.

Don’t Fall for the Insurance Company’s Sneaky Tricks Often Used to Deny Claims

Don’t be surprised to find yourself experiencing one of these tactics used by so many insurance companies and adjusters:

  • Cancellation of your policy. The company make cancel your policy immediately after you make a claim, leaving you uninsured and with expensive medical bills.
  • Unreasonable demands. As a way to delay or stall the claims process, the adjuster may tell you to provide an unreasonable amount of documents that are unnecessary and sometimes not even related to the claim. They will likely end up denying the claim, or the policyholder will give up because of all of the hassle.
  • Illegal investigation techniques. The insurance company may use illegal or unethical methods in which to obtain information regarding your claim. The company may also decide to not even investigate your claim and simply deny you without any basis.
  • Delaying the settlement. In the hopes that you will give up or just forget about the claim, the insurance company may delay the settlement for an unreasonable amount of time.

We Know the Winning Moves

Going up against the insurance company alone will likely only result in stress and frustration for you. When you have the Andrew Kim Law Firm on your side, however, your chances of getting the results you need improve. We know the whole set of insurance company tricks, and we get solid settlements for our clients. Contact us today to learn more.

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