Buses may offer more protection than the average vehicle, but that doesn’t mean you can’t suffer injuries if in an accident. Here’s how you can stay safe.

Preventing Mass Casualties When Riding on Mass Transit

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Back in August of 2013, six people were seriously injured when an airport charter bus and a semi-truck collided on I-5. The crash occurred just after noon on rainy day when the truck driver lost control of his vehicle, striking two cars and the bus. Three of the victims who were hurt, including one who suffered from critical injuries, were on board the bus.

When you take mass transit, you expect to stay safe, and although a vehicle of this size and nature typically offers more protection than a standard vehicle, passengers are still at risk when riding.

Protecting Yourself From Serious Injuries on a Bus

Although you can’t totally prevent suffering from injuries when riding on a bus, you can take steps to keep increase the chances of staying safe, including:

  • Staying seated. Although this isn’t always possible, staying in your seat as much as possible can keep you safe. Avoid moving around when on the bus and avoid lying down in your seat. If you must stand, hold onto a rail, as doing so may prevent you from thrown over if the bus is struck.
  • Paying attention to your surroundings. Although reading the newspaper or listening to music can keep you occupied during your trip, doing so can potentially put you in danger. You may be able to alert the bus driver of a dangerous situation if you are paying attention and you may be able to shield yourself if you spot an imminent collision.
  • Taking care when exiting or entering the bus. Never assume that motorists around you will stop when you are exiting or attempting to enter the bus. Always exercise extreme caution when walking near the bus, and alert the driver if you drop something. He may not see you when you are stopping to pick up the item and could hit you as a result.

We Want to Help

If you’ve been injured in a bus accident despite your best efforts to be safe, you may be entitled to receive financial compensation. The Andrew Kim Law Firm may be able to help. Contact us today to learn how.

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