Now that winter is over, winter driving hazards may not be a worry, but potholes are. Come learn more about the road dangers that winter weather leaves behind.

The Pothole Problem: A Hole Lot of Trouble

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Spring is a time of renewal and warmth. As cold weather subsides and the snow melts, we can all breathe a sigh of relief that it will be another seven months before we have to deal with icy roads. Even though winter is on its way out, it leaves our roads with noticeable parting “gifts” that can continue to wreak havoc on our cars and our safety well into the summer months.

The Bumps in the Road That Winter Leaves Behind

Potholes are created by three main elements: pressure, weather, and time:

  • Pressure. As you probably know, our roads are comprised of tiny pieces of granite and sand that are compressed together to form asphalt. This mixture is then spread across the road so that thousands of multi-ton vehicles can roll over it on a regular basis. Unfortunately, the amount of weight and pressure the roads are forced to endure causes the mixture to crack over time as the tiny bits of granite are compressed and break. These cracks can then grow, creating fissures in the road.
  • Weather. Road fissures create an opening in the asphalt where rain and snow can accumulate. If the crack becomes filled with water and the temperature falls below freezing, the water will expand within the crack, forcing the asphalt to break. When the asphalt breaks, it will create an even larger fissure for water to accumulate and freeze.
  • Time. The more time that passes, the more vulnerable roads become. A small crack can become a huge hole, and a tiny puddle can become a deep pond. Unfortunately, these eventualities create enormous problems when they occur in the middle of the road—problems that can cause significant damage to your vehicle and potentially catastrophic damage to your family’s well-being.

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