Cell phone use while driving is dangerous and even illegal in some states. The advent of the selfie stick, however, has taken this danger to a whole new level.

Just Stick to Driving: The Danger of the Selfie Stick in Your Vehicle

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In the world of social media, “selfies” are a must. Everywhere you look, you can see people using their cell phones to take these pictures of themselves. But as self-portraits became popular, people realizes that the short focal distance from the camera to the face results in less than flattering photos. This created a demand for the “selfie stick,” an extendable wand that allows the camera or phone to be positioned beyond arm’s reach. Selfie sticks allow users to get better shots with more background detail.

Unfortunately, some drivers and passengers have started to use these sticks while in their vehicles. Just recently, a video surfaced that featured a car full of people singing into a selfie stick-held phone. The result was an accident and totaled car.

Selfie Sticks and Driving Just Don’t Mix

Taking typical selfies while driving is already dangerous, but when you add selfie sticks to the equation, the result can be fatal. Before you allow the device into your vehicle, you should know about the potential risks:

  • They cause you to take your eyes off the road and hands off the controls. Seattle is full of gorgeous landmarks, so it’s understandable to want to take a selfie of you driving near them. One way drivers attempt this is by holding the sticks out of their vehicle windows and photographing themselves. As you may imagine, this is extremely dangerous. Not only is the driver taking his eyes—and concentration—off the road, he’s taking his hands off the steering wheel and significantly increasing the danger of getting into an accident.
  • They are inherently distracting. Drivers already are seduced by dangerous distractions when driving. But having a selfie stick on hand creates additional temptations that can be hard to resist. Even if you’re not the one who is holding the selfie stick, having them in your vehicle is problematic. The distraction of having the stick near you and taking a picture is enough to cause a serious accident.

Don’t Kid Yourself: You Need the Help of an Attorney

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