Potholes can cause serious damage to both your car and your health. Click here to learn how you can avoid these risks with a few easy steps.

Preparation, Control, and Attention: The Three Necessities to Avoid Pothole Damage

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Due to the overwhelming prevalence of potholes across the country, the U.S. Congress passed the Surface Transportation Reauthorization and Reform Act of 2015. This act provides $233 billion for federal highway maintenance over five years. However, although maintenance is scheduled, the likelihood of you coming across a dangerous hole in the road remains high. After all, new potholes arise every year. Because of this, it is in your best interest that you know how to combat and avoid potential pothole hazards.

Be Prepared to Avoid Potholes

As spring approaches and the last of the snow melts, make sure to prepare your car, control your driving, and pay attention to the road.


  • Check tires. Improperly inflated tires are at risk of damage when they strike a pothole. During pothole season, make sure to routinely check your tire pressure as well as tire structure as excessive wear or bulges in the sidewalls can cause a blowout when you hit a pothole.
  • Schedule service. Responsive steering can help you avoid hitting potholes while strong shocks, struts, and springs will help cushion the blow. Make sure you have your dealer or mechanic check the suspension during its quarterly service.

Pay Attention

  • Actively watch for potholes. Potholes are harder to spot in the dark, so make sure your headlights are working properly and your windshield is clean.
  • Be cautious. Potholes can easily fill with water or leaves, making them difficult to see. When driving, always assume that a puddle or bunch of leaves could be hiding a dangerous hole.


  • Control the wheel. By keeping a firm grip on your steering wheel, you can stop potholes from causing your vehicle to suddenly change direction. If you can’t avoid the pothole, try to straighten the wheel to hit it head on. Hitting a pothole at an angle can cause further impact damage.
  • Control your speed. If you see a pothole ahead but can’t safely steer to avoid it, slow down and release the brakes before you hit it. Slowing down and allowing the car to roll over the hole will help reduce impact and give your suspension the full range of travel to absorb the impact rather than having the force spread across the vehicle.

We Care About Your Safety

Andrew Kim and his team want you to be safe on Bellevue’s roads this spring. That is why we provide you with safe driving tips. Feel free to browse our library of articles to learn more about avoiding car accidents and injuries this spring.

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