Collisions and crashes are inevitable for kids learning to skate or bike. These safety tips can help your child stay safe at one of Seattle’s many skateparks.

Roll Away Safe and Protected After Your Bike or Skating Crash

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Imagine that your nine-year-old just got his first pair of in-line skates for his birthday, and just can’t wait to try them out. His has high hopes of performing amazing grinds at Highland Skate Plaza, but you know he first has to learn the basics of stopping. At nine years old, your adventurous little boy won’t be soaring high if he keeps crashing down to the ground.

As a parent, of course you’d do just about anything to keep your child safe from serious injury. So, making sure your child learns and follows the proper safety precautions can help prevent an inevitable crash from ending with catastrophic injuries. Here are some safety tips to remember whenever in-line skating, biking, or skateboarding:

If you’re losing your balance

  • Crouching or getting as low to the ground as possible will lessen the distance you fall. This can help reduce injury severity.
  • Try to land on the fleshy parts of your body (rear end, thighs) and avoid landing on your elbows, knees, hands, or wrists. Direct contact with these bones will most likely end in a fracture or break.
  • Try to relax and avoid stiffening up.

Safety gear is always a must-have

  • Helmet
  • Elbow and knee pads
  • The proper shoes or other footgear

Make sure your equipment is well-maintained and working properly

Tips for parents

Discourage stunt riding that is above your child’s skill level. Mastering the basics is the first step in success for any sport. And, as always, parents: please make sure your kids follow all of the rules of the street or any skate parks they visit. They are there for a reason!

Dealing with the aftermath of a child’s sports injury can be a frustrating, exhausting, and confusing time for any parent. If you have questions about what how the law may be on your side after an accident, please contact us today. One simple act of filling out an online form can get you the legal answers you need.

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