A car collision can cause a variety of injuries from minor to catastrophic. We can help you minimize your risk for severe injuries with these helpful tips.

Precautions to Take to Minimize Car Accident Injuries and Save Lives

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Depending on the severity of a car accident, injuries may not be avoidable. However, by taking proper precautions and knowing when to act, you may be able to protect yourself and your passengers from more serious injuries and fatalities.

Tips to Lessen Injuries

The following tips could protect you from sustaining worse injuries or even being killed when you are involved in a car crash:

  • Locking the doors. Locked doors are less likely to open or be ripped off during rollover accidents. When the door is secure, you’ll be less likely to sustain severe impact injuries as you’ll be cushioned by the side-door airbag rather than coming into contact with the road. Furthermore, if the door remains intact, you’ll be less likely to be thrown from the vehicle during a rollover, substantially lessening the risk of severe injuries or death. 
  • Buckling-up. Seat belts are your #1 countermeasure against catastrophic injuries; this can't be stressed enough. In addition to restraining you from being tossed around the inside cab or thrown from the vehicle, they also provide shock absorption for the impact force of the collision.
  • Recognizing and anticipating risks. Although you may not want to accept the fact, accidents can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time. The best way to avoid suffering injuries is to drive cautiously. Focus on the road, pay attention to other drivers (and their actions), and anticipate problems. If you can recognize the signs of a potential collision, you can safely react to avoid it.
  • Preparing to act. One of the most common mistakes drivers make during an accident is to do nothing. It’s understandable. A collision can happen in a blink of an eye, and the mixture of surprise, fear, and adrenaline can cause you to freeze. However, if you’ve already anticipated the potential for a collision, you’ll not only bypass the surprise, but you’ll give yourself time to act. When faced with a decision to collide into another vehicle or to veer to a clear side of the road (whether off-road, into a ditch, or onto the shoulder) the best option is to veer. Although you may still sustain damage, the risk is far less when you swipe a meridian or land in a ditch than when you collide into another vehicle.car emergency kit
  • Stocking and using safety kit. A properly stocked safety kit can make the difference between minor wounds and life-threatening injuries. Make sure your vehicle has the necessary first-aid and emergency items to help shield and protect you and your passengers from further harm.

Since no one can predict when an accident will occur or how serious it will be, taking precaution to protect yourself after the collision is just as important as taking precautions before and during the collision. Put the phone number of personal injury attorney Andrew Kim in your phone now so that you can call him immediately after you accident: 800.636.3676.

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