A recent study by the Society of Automotive Engineers showed that 25% of drivers fail to use signals while turning and 48% failed to do so when changing lanes.

Turn Signal Neglect is a Major Issue | Seattle Car Accident Lawyer

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In a recent study by the Society of Automotive Engineers, the issue of turn signal safety was studied and it's effects on driver safety.  At the conclusion of the study, it was estimated that approximately 2 million crashes every year are the direct result of turn signal neglect.
Those 2 million crashes are almost double the 950,000 crashes that are caused by "distracted driving," or driving while texting, eating, talking on the phone, putting on make up, etc.
Engineers at SAE observed 12,000 vehicles changing lanes and making turns and found that 25% of drivers failed to use their turn signal while turning and 48% of drivers didn't use their turn signal when changing lanes.  When applied to U.S. drivers as a whole, these figures translate to 750 billion instances of turn signal neglect per year, or over 2 billion per day.
Richard Ponziana, president of RLP Engineering and author of the report: "This is a first-of-its-kind report on a subject that amazingly, has never been studied."  Ponziana goes on to say "The turn signal is one of the very original automotive crash prevention devices and this simple driver-to-driver communication device remains extremely effective, but only when it is accurately displayed as required by law."  He adds that turning signal devices should no longer be thought of as "optional," and that drivers have the same obligations to use their turning signals as they do to stop at red lights and stops signs.
To aide drivers use their turn signals, SAE suggested The Smart Turn Signal.  It uses the vehicle's sensors and computer control to assure that the turn signal is being used properly and regularly by telling the driver when the turn signal wasn't used, and shutting the signal off after the turn or lane change has been made.  Because the same sensors as the vehicle's stability control system are used, the Smart Turn Signal would not cost extra for manufacturers, nor consumers.  They also save weight and space, since they will take place of the turn signal trip mechanism that has been around and hardly improved on since 1940.  They are believed to prevent multi-car crashes and act as a perfect complement to the Stability Control System, which predominately prevents single-car crashes.

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