Teaching your child what not to do on his walk to school is just as important as teaching him what he should do.

Teach Your Child What He Shouldn’t Do on the Walk to School

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You are fortunate that where you live in Seattle is close enough to your child’s school that he is able to walk to get there. The downside is that you are not able to accompany him on his stroll. This means you’ll have to make him aware of the potential dangers along the way, and trust that he will adhere to your warnings. One way of doing so is to let him know what he shouldn’t do on his walk.

Parents Speak From Experience

Don’t run with scissors. Don’t play with fire. Many of the most important lessons that parents can teach their children are negative lessons, where you stress how important it is not to do certain things.

When you discuss the walk to school with your child, here are some negative lessons you will want to stress:

  • Don’t take a short cut. Children love to explore, and while doing so may be educational, it can also be dangerous. Attempting to take a shortcut could result in his becoming lost or getting injured from walking in a place with unknown hazards. Instead, make sure your child knows he must stay on the planned route.
  • Don’t talk to strangers. Although the Seattle area is one of the safest in the country, it still has a few people who want to do harm to children. Forbid your son from talking to strangers and tell him the risks of doing so. Additionally, alert your child to why hitchhiking and taking rides from strangers is prohibited.
  • Don’t roughhouse. Walking with friends is a good idea, but doing so increases the temptation for roughhousing, fighting, and even bullying behavior. Running, pushing, and shoving during the walk can result in serious injuries, and can distract kids at a critical time when moving vehicles are near. Forbid your child from engaging in rough play. Let him know the type of behavior that is appropriate for someone you trust to walk home on his own.

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