Do you know what to do to prevent a Seattle car accident if your vehicle suddenly accelerates? A Washington personal injury attorney explains.

What to Do if Your Car Suddenly Accelerates

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This month, we’ve been talking about the various causes of sudden acceleration accidents and unintended acceleration accidents. But we haven’t answered one important question: what should you do if it happens to you?

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Be absolutely positive that you don’t have your foot on the wrong pedal. A 2010 investigation found that a large number of sudden acceleration accidents take place when the driver confuses pedals. 
  • Firmly and evenly apply the brakes. Don’t pump the brakes or slam them. Just put down as much pressure as possible in a controlled manner. 
  • Shift your car into neutral gear. How you shift your car into neutral depends on your make and model, so be certain that you know how to do this before you ever have acceleration trouble. 
  • Get out of traffic. Once in neutral, get out of active traffic lanes if at all possible. A shoulder or parking lot is best, but you may not have this choice. 
  • Turn on your hazards. Make sure passing traffic knows that you are having a car-related emergency and that you are disabled on the shoulder.

And, though it is difficult, try to keep calm, and try not to panic. Preventing a sudden acceleration accident requires that you are thinking clearly and acting quickly.

Do you believe that your sudden acceleration car accident and injury was caused by a faulty car part or defective vehicle? Speak with a Seattle car accident lawyer today to find out. The Andrew Kim law firm offers confidential, no-obligation consultations.

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