Knowing your car accident case worth from the start is not realistic. Come learn what you need to know to calculate your claim’s value.

What is my case worth? What settlement value should I expect?



How can you put a monetary value on a person’s pain and suffering?

There is no way to calculate a specific dollar value for anybody’s discomfort…but when it comes to car accident injury cases, plaintiffs must ask for a reasonable compensatory value. However, because the total circumstances of each car accident are unique, each case’s value will be different from every case that has come before.

Look at the details:

  • The injuries and the severity of injuries vary from person to person and accident to accident.
  • The impact that injuries have on one’s life is different from person to person.
  • The amount of time that it takes to recover from an injury is different for everyone.
  • Pain and suffering are handled differently between victims.

The worth of your claim depends on the specific circumstances of your accident and the fair value placed on each circumstance.

Calculating Worth

The first thing you have to know is that there is no standard value for car accident claims. Once you realize this, the second thing you need to know is that if a lawyer tells you that he can guarantee a specific settlement before he looks at your case, he is lying.

Unfortunately, many attorneys will flippantly rattle off numbers—“$50,000”…“No, wait, $100,000,”…“Well, you look pretty banged up, we can get you a settlement of $500,000”—in order to mesmerize you into accepting their counsel. However, you need to remember that there are absolutely no guarantees when it comes to collision compensation. When you’re looking for legal guidance for pursuing an injury claim, do not trust those who claim right at the start that your case is worth an exorbitant amount, because there is no way he’ll know the worth (let alone be able to guarantee it) until he investigates your accident.

After helping hundreds of car accident victims over the past 20 years, we at the Andrew Kim Law Firm know that life after a car accident can be difficult. Perhaps this is why we don’t presume to make wild assumptions or promise you outrageous outcomes to manipulate you into hiring us. We think you deserve more than empty promises. In addition to reliable guidance and support, you deserve a lawyer who will…

  • Take the initiative to explore all aspects of your case.
  • Obtain all the financial information and damage assessments needed to assign damage value to the accident.
  • Explain to you the justifications behind the determined values.
  • Work with you and discuss your settlement hopes, as well as the true case worth.
  • Fight with the insurance company to ensure they don’t undercut the true value of your pain and suffering.

To begin the process of calculating your car accident’s worth, fill out the contact form provided to schedule a free consultation. During our review of your case, we’ll discuss the medical expenses, lost wages, and psychological trauma your accident may have caused, and work toward gathering the evidence we need to plan your claim and set a case value.

Don’t allow yourself to become taken in by false promises or exaggerated guarantees—you’ll only be disappointed in the end. Contact us today to get the honest support and experienced guidance you need.