Can you switch attorneys in your car crash case? Learn when you may need to fire your lawyer and how to do so if you aren’t happy with his services.

Can I change attorneys in the middle of my car accident case?



Many people who hire an attorney when filing a claim following an auto collision are happy with the lawyer’s services, especially if they have taken the steps to research and interview their top choices. However, in some cases, the relationship could sour or a client can have doubts as to whether his lawyer is working hard enough on his case. If you find yourself in this situation, you should know that you have the right to switch lawyers at almost any stage in your case under Washington State law.

Reasons You May Decide to Retain a New Attorney

Firing an attorney in the middle of your case is definitely not ideal, and you should only do so after weighing your options and trying to resolve your concerns with him. However, here are reasons you may decide that this is the best choice:

  • You are unable to reach your lawyer, and he fails to return your calls.
  • You do not believe that your attorney is working on your case or making progress in resolving it. While he has a right to work on other cases, yours should be one of his priorities, too.
  • Your lawyer is not explaining his strategy to you or is not involving you in important decisions in your case.
  • You discovered that your lawyer does not really have much experience handling car accident cases.
  • Your lawyer has a conflict of interests that prevents him from representing you.
  • Your attorney is engaging in unethical actions.

How to Switch Attorneys

You should not fire your lawyer until you have chosen a new one to hire. Depending on the stage in your case, not having an attorney to represent you could put you at a serious disadvantage. You will need to research attorneys carefully and schedule interviews with the ones that you are most interested in. Keep in mind that some lawyers are reluctant to take a case in this situation, and it may take longer to search for a qualified person who will agree to take your case.

Once you have obtained representation, you will need to send a letter to your attorney advising him that you are dismissing him. Your new lawyer may do this on your behalf. He can also work out what, if any, fees will be owed to your prior attorney when your case settles. He may still be owed a small percentage of your settlement for the work he already performed on your case.

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