Learn why people file wrongful death cases after loved ones are killed in I-90 car accidents and why these people aren’t greedy, but rather smart.

Why do people bother filing wrongful death cases after family members are killed in I-90 car accidents?



If you have never received the call telling you that your spouse, child, or parent was killed while traveling on I-90 from Bellevue to Seattle then it can be hard to know how it feels. It can be difficult to imagine what you would do in such a situation. However, it is also important to think about it.

Survivors May Have the Right to File Wrongful Death Cases

They may have the right to file wrongful death cases after fatal I-90 accidents, but why do they? Some important reasons for filing a wrongful death case include:

  • Holding the person who caused the crash accountable.
  • Recovering damages for income the deceased person is no longer able to earn.
  • Recovering money for medical expenses incurred prior to death and for funeral expenses.

There are also other types of damages that are possible and other reasons why families decide to take action.

People Who File Wrongful Death Cases Are Not Greedy

Some people hesitate to file a wrongful death lawsuit because they fear they are being greedy. Let us assure you that there is nothing greedy about filing a wrongful death lawsuit after someone else’s decision to drive negligently killed your loved one and caused your family to lose so much.

Maybe you are lucky and your family has not known the tragedy of fatal car accident. However, you may know another family who has lost a loved one in fatal I-90 accident. If you do then please share this article with them. Give them the information that they need to make an informed decision.