Filing a car accident injury claim can be disconcerting when you’re not sure how much it could be worth and how to secure a settlement. Learn more here.

How much could my car accident injury case be worth?



Before taking the time and effort, not to mention the frustration, of pursuing a car accident injury claim, you probably want to know if your efforts will be worth the trouble. Unfortunately, there's no way to calculate the exact worth of your accident without discussing the case with an attorney. Even then, the value of your claim will depend on certain and specific factors of your case.

Factors Relevant to an Injury Claim’s Worth

The first thing you need to know when attempting to calculate the value of your case is that there is no set value for a car accident injury settlement. Compensatory amounts rely on a variety of factors, including the following:

  • Cause of the accident. The specific cause of an accident is important in order to establish liability. For example, were your injuries a result of an accident that was caused by adverse weather, or were they the direct result of driver negligence?
  • Number of liable parties. The amount of a settlement depends on the source of compensation. The settlement amount could be higher if your injuries can be proven to have been caused as a result of negligence from multiple parties.
  • Severity of injuries. The amount of compensation you will receive to offset medical costs will depend on how much treatment is required, how extensive the treatment will be, and how your injuries will affect your future quality of life. Minor cuts and lacerations will receive a smaller settlement than catastrophic injuries.
  • Pain and suffering. In some cases, monetary compensation is awarded for severe pain and suffering caused by an accident. Although difficult to prove, an experienced attorney can help you communicate why you should receive additional compensation for emotional suffering.
  • Ability of attorney. The best way to secure a successful settlement is by having the legal expertise of a seasoned attorney on your side.

Getting What You Pay for

A reliable car accident attorney can not only help you file your injury claim, but can also provide you with the knowledge, resources, and experience you need to prove your case and secure a reasonable settlement. Some of the services Andrew Kim can provide include:

  • Helping to secure evidence. A good lawyer will have resources that will enable him to collect evidence that you may not have access to as a civilian, such as camera footage, driving records, police records, and witness testimony.
  • Organizing an accident reconstruction. An accident reconstruction can demonstrate to the judge and jury exactly what happened by recreating the scene step by step.
  • Obtaining relevant documentation. Police reports, eye witness statements, and other crucial reports can help influence the outcome of your case. However, they may not be easy for you to get your hands on. A lawyer, on the other hand, has the resources to ensure that copies of these documents end up in his hands.
  • Preparing expert and eyewitness statements. Having contact with an eyewitness or the ability to secure an expert witness testimony may not be enough to ensure that their statements will influence the outcome of your case. A competent lawyer will be able to prepare the witness properly to give his statement as convincingly as possible.

Car accident claims can be frustrating and require a certain amount of finesse to ensure a fair settlement. Contact our Bellevue office to see how we can help ensure your injury claim has the necessary resources, unwavering dedication, and knowledgeable assistance it needs to succeed. Schedule your free consultation today!