A Seattle dog bite attorney explains what you should do to protect yourself in every way if a dog ever attacks you.

Who should I contact in King County if I’ve been bitten by a dog?



You'll want to follow a fairly detailed list of actions right after you have been attacked by any aggressive animal.

If it is possible, take pictures of your injuries immediately. That way, you have evidence of all injuries you sustained in the attack.

After you do that, the next step is to seek medical attention. Before worrying about whom to call, worry about your health and safety. You could get an infection or disease from the dog, requiring extensive medical treatment to help you recover. You don’t know if the responsible dog has up-to-date shots, or if its even been given shots at all.

Once you’ve consulted your doctor, or been to the hospital for treatment, then you should contact the animal warden right away. The warden can help determine if the dog has had a past history of aggression. If the animal has a history of biting, then the animal may be taken away from its owner, or may even need to be put down.

If you’ve been injured from the bite, you should contact an attorney with experience handling dog bite cases. If you’re seriously injured from a dog bite attack, you could end up having extensive medical bills from numerous surgeries, permanent scarring, or even disfigurement. It’s also not unheard of for attack victims to experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This can cause lifelong fear around dogs, debilitating anxiety in certain circumstances, or even varying degrees of depression. An attorney can help you understand if you have grounds to seek compensation from the dog’s owner.

Not every dog bite situation warrants legal action, but if this is a possibility, an attorney will be very helpful throughout the whole process. He or she will examine your case, take pictures (of you, the dog, and the scene of the accident), collect testimony from witnesses and emergency personnel, and collect any evidence that could be crucial to your case.

If a dog bite causes nerve damage in your leg and you are left unable to stand for periods of time, this could leave you unable to do your job at one of Seattle’s many computer and communications companies. A disfigured face with nerve damage to your facial muscles could cause you to lose clients at your marketing job. When all of your body works correctly, it’s easy to forget how important each part is to the success of your career.

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