You know you will likely have to deal with the physical scars of your burns from the car crash, but you may have emotional damage to cope with as well.

What emotional trauma typically occurs because of burn injuries caused by car accidents?



Every time you look in the mirror you are reminded of that fateful day last fall. You drove on I-90 to get to work just like you do every day, but this particular morning was one you can never forget.

A collision with another vehicle caused a fire to ignite in your car. As a result, you suffered from burn injuries over a majority of your body. After a few weeks in the hospital you were able to return home, but you know that things will never be the same again.

Emotional Scars Are Often More Painful Than Physical Scars

Along with going to doctor’s appointments to treat the outside scars, you may also need professional help to get through what you are feeling on the inside. Common reasons for accident victims to experience distress include:

  • Reliving the accident in their heads. Not being able to stop thinking about the accident, or about the others who were also injured or even killed in the crash, can cause extreme anxiety and depression. The person could even suffer from post traumatic stress disorder because of the accident.
  • The person’s new appearance because of scars. Along with accepting how they look themselves, they may also worry about how others will react, and may feel anxiety about people staring and making comments.
  • The discomfort of the wounds. Along with the sheer pain of the burns, the wounds can also itch while they are healing, which can cause severe discomfort.
  • Adjusting to a new way of life. Burn victims often struggle with how they will continue to live the same way they did before the burn. Relationships, work, and finances are all often affected because of burn injuries, which can cause stress, anxiety, and depression for the victim.

You Deserve Justice

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