Although fall in Seattle is quite beautiful, you can become involved in an accident if your vehicle isn’t prepared for the change in weather.

What kind of maintenance should I perform on my vehicle in the fall?



Seattle experiences a variety of changes in the fall. Along with the different leaf colors, the temperature also drops and inclement weather is experienced more often.

Driving conditions are affected by the changing surroundings; unless your vehicle is prepared for them, you are likely to become involved in an accident.

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Fall and Weather

Roads often become slick from leaves and precipitation. The colder temperatures can also affect the way your vehicle performs. By keeping up with seasonal maintenance, you increase your chances of staying safe.

These actions should be part of your autumn car maintenance routine:

  • Check your tires. Not having enough tread on your tires can cause them to slip when the roads become slicker than usual. Take your vehicle to an automotive specialist to measure the tread, and replace old and worn tires with new ones to decrease your odds of getting into an accident.
  • Perform battery maintenance. You don’t want to get stuck in the parking lot of a store in Seattle because your car won’t start. Keep the connections tight, clean, and corrosion-free to prevent problems. Cold weather is hard on batteries, so checking the battery and charging system often is a good idea during the fall.
  • Replace wiper blades. Good wiper blades are needed now more than ever since you are likely to experience wet weather in the fall. Blades that are loose or worn won’t clear your windshield as they should, which could cause you to not see properly and get into an accident.

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