Pelvic fractures are difficult injuries to experience and to recover from. In fact, you may wonder if your fracture will ever fully heal.

Will my pelvic fracture ever fully heal?



It’s been months since the pickup truck ran through a red light and struck you in the crosswalk in downtown Seattle. Yet, every time you take a step you are reminded of the pelvic fracture caused by the accident.

The doctors told you that getting back to normal would take time because of the severity of your fracture; however, your patience is wearing thin and you’re wondering if you’ll ever get to do the things you once enjoyed, or simply experience a day without pain.

Will You Ever Get Back to Normal?

Pelvic fractures are often complicated and severe. In fact, because of the amount of blood you lost due to torn vessels and ligaments, yours was considered life-threatening. Even doctors can’t predict when you will return to your normal self, but you should prepare yourself for what can happen in the future.

  • Trouble with elimination and sex. The pelvic ring protects your bladder, intestines, and rectum. Additionally, many nerves, ligaments, and vessels run all along the pelvic ring. Trauma to the area can cause damage to the intestines, rectum, and bladder, as well as to the area that controls sexual responses. As a result, sexual dysfunction can occur, along with problems going to the bathroom.
  • Lack of mobility. Joggers are prone to experiencing pelvic fractures from muscles wearing away at bones in the pelvis. Unfortunately, some aren’t able to return to activities they once enjoyed, such as running or playing sports, because of the pain and decreased mobility they encounter when attempting to do so.
  • Pain and stiffness. Even if your fracture fully heals, you may never be the same. You may experience increased stiffness in the area and even pain when attempting to do things as simple as walking.

Hold Those Negligent Accountable for Their Actions

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