You should seek prompt medical care following a truck accident caused by a negligent driver. Learn why this is crucial to your claim for compensation.

How soon after my truck accident should I see a doctor?



It is important to be examined by a doctor soon after your truck crash even if you only suffered “minor” injuries or do not believe that you are injured at all. A big mistake that some accident victims make is to tough it out or delay seeking treatment over worries about how to pay the expensive medical bills. However, making this error can put your health at risk and lead to serious disputes with the insurance company for the negligent trucker and trucking company that ultimately weaken your claim.

Why Delaying Seeking Medical Treatment Is a Bad Idea

You should be examined by a physician within approximately 48 hours following a truck crash—even if you believe you suffered no injuries. Here is why this is so important:

  • It protects your health. Because of adrenaline and the nature of some injuries, you may not experience any symptoms for days or longer after your truck accident. Traumatic brain injury, back and spinal injuries, and internal organ damage are just some of the very serious medical conditions caused in a wreck that may develop over time. By waiting to be examined by a doctor, you delay receiving medical treatment early on and may only discover your injury when it has become a medical emergency.
  • It documents your injuries. When you file your claim for compensation with the insurance company, you will need to prove the causal connection between your injuries and the accident. Seeking prompt medical care is crucial in documenting this.
  • It could avoid disputes. The insurance company may look for reasons to deny or dispute your claim. If you do not see a doctor right away, you give them ammunition to argue that your injuries were caused by another incident or that your injuries are not really that serious.

Did you delay in seeking medical treatment? It is important to keep in mind that you have not ruined your claim for compensation. Our experienced truck accident attorneys have helped victims who have made this or more serious mistakes obtain a fair settlement from the negligent trucker and trucking company. Just call our Bellevue office or fill out our convenient online form to schedule your free consultation to learn more about our extensive experience in these cases and how we can assist you.