Is the truck driver disputing that he caused your truck accident? The truck’s black box may provide vital evidence establishing his negligence.

How can the truck’s black box help me prove that truck driver negligence caused my truck accident?



Even if you believe that the truck driver’s negligence in causing your accident is clear, you could still find that the trucking company’s insurer disputes this. If this occurs, you must prove the cause of your crash to convince the insurance adjuster to settle your claim or win your case in a jury trial. You may find that the truck’s black box is very helpful in doing this and enabling you to receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

How a Truck’s Black Box Can Help You Settle Your Claim

A truck’s black box is similar to those found in airplanes and is also referred to as an electronic data recorder (EDR). They have been installed in trucks since the late 1990s, which means that the truck involved in your crash most likely had one. It is important to obtain the data from the black box quickly before it is recorded over. You need to obtain an experienced truck accident attorney to help you do this as soon as possible after your crash. He can send the trucking company a spoliation letter that advises them of your claim and provides a list of documents and other information—including the black box data—that should not be destroyed.

A truck’s black box records a wide-range of data about the truck’s operations. Some of the information it provides that can help you prove the cause of your truck accident includes:

  • The truck’s average speed over the last 30 days and its speed at specific times
  • Whether the truck suddenly decelerated or accelerated
  • Hours that the truck was moving, which can help determine if federal regulations regarding the hours the trucker was allowed to drive without taking a brake were violated
  • The truck’s performance data, such as the engine’s RPMs, brake applications, hard stops, seat belt usage, and air bag deployment
  • Accident data, which can include the truck’s speed prior to your crash, whether the brakes were applied, and whether the trucker was using cruise control
  • Communications between the trucker and trucking company, such as emails and text messages, which can contain a wealth of incriminating information since they were made prior to the collision

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