Your child suffered injuries at day care after tripping on an old carpet. How can you prove that the center is liable for her injuries?

How can I prove my child’s injuries are the result of a slip and fall accident?



You just moved to the Seattle area and recently found a job that requires you to leave your child in the care of others. Your neighbor runs a daycare facility out of her home and offered to watch your little one while you go to work. You ran her references, and everything seemed to check out.

When you returned from your lunch break one day last week, you received a call that your youngster fell and wouldn’t stop crying. You raced to get her and after a trip to Northwest Hospital and Medical Center, you learned she had a broken wrist.

How Can You Prove the Accident Was Due to the Caregiver’s Negligence?

You don’t want to create bad blood with your neighbor, but you also don’t want to empty your savings account to pay for the medical bills from the injury. You feel the daycare operator should pay, since the accident occurred on her property and while your daughter was in her care. In order to win your case, you’ll need:

  • Pictures of the scene. Your daughter says she tripped because the rug had a hole in it, and the best way to show the condition of the area is through pictures. Go to your neighbor’s and snap a few shots of the rug to show what kind of shape it is in.
  • Proof the owner knew about it. If the hole occurred immediately before your daughter fell, the daycare owner may not have known it was there. Chances are, however, the hole has been there for some time and she simply never got it mended. If she knew about the rug’s poor conditions, she may be held responsible for the injuries.
  • A good attorney. A lawyer who is experienced in slip and fall cases will know how to extract evidence out of the situation better than you would alone. Your neighbor will likely hire an attorney when she finds out a suit is being brought against her, and battling against a lawyer on your own will likely end in major disappointment.

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