Parents put their infant car seats on top of shopping carts quite frequently. But doing so is dangerous. Can you ever safely use the seat in carts?

Is there any way to place my infant car seat safely in a shopping cart?



It seemed like the shopping cart and the car seat was a match made in heaven—like the two were meant to be together. After all, the bar on the cart snaps effortlessly into the bottom of the car seat, allowing you to gaze lovingly at your child while you glide around the store.

If you’re like many parents, you may have been shocked and disappointed to learn that the pairing is actually not recommended and is, in fact, quite dangerous. Car seats have fallen out of shopping carts and caused serious injuries and even death to many infants and babies.

Safe Ways to Maneuver Your Baby in a Cart

Before you lose your faith in humanity because of this injustice, rest assured knowing that you may be able to place that car seat in the stroller after all, just in a different spot.

  • Turn it sideways. If the seat on the cart is big enough, you may be able to fit the car seat inside if you simply turn it sideways. This method is still as convenient as the previous way, but much safer.
  • Place the seat in the basket. If you just can’t fathom going shopping without having your little one in her car seat, place the seat in the basket of the cart. This technique will only work, however, if you plan on buying a minimal amount of items, as the seat will take up most of the room. And piling your purchases on top of the baby is obviously not recommended.
  • Use the provided infant seats. Many carts are fitted with infant seats that sit on top of the cart. And since they are actually designed to rest there—unlike a car seat—they fit and are safe. Such seats still allow you to adore your baby while you shop and keep her nice and snug.

When Your Baby Is Injured

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare come true when their babies are injured. If your little one is hurt because of a shopping cart accident, the legal team of the Andrew Kim Law Firm may be able to help. Contact us today to find out how.