You see an 18-wheeler barreling towards you going way too fast. Many Seattle truck accidents are caused this way. How do you stop it?

How can I prevent Seattle truck accidents that are caused by speeding?



You’re driving down Broadway on your way to Pike St. when you happen to look up in your rear-view mirror and notice an 18-wheeler barreling down the road right towards you. Just by looking at the truck, you know it is traveling much faster than it should be. Seattle truck accidents are often caused by drivers going well above the posted speed limit. Do you know what to do if you see a speeding truck?

Get Out of the Way

Although getting out of the way of a large truck may sound like common sense, not all motorists know this should be done. Many assume the driver will come to his senses and somehow stop the large truck that is about to ram into them. Instead of putting your life in the driver’s hands, take action and get into an area that is safe.

Pay Close Attention to What Is Ahead of You

If you’re driving down I-5 and notice a truck speed past you, staring at the vehicle to see what it does next is always tempting. If you’re paying attention to what is next to you instead of what is ahead of you, you could get into a serious accident. Instead, prevent yourself from being involved in a crash because of that speeding truck by paying attention.

Call the Authorities

Contact the police department and inform the operator that a truck is speeding. You will likely need to give information about the truck, as well as your location. Make sure you are safe before attempting to talk on the phone.

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