Capsizing may be a part of boating, but it is often quite dangerous. Read this to learn how to reduce your risks of it happening to you.

How can you prevent a boat from capsizing?



There’s nothing like having your boat flip upside down to bring you back to reality.

Floating around the Sound or Green Lake is often tranquil and allows you to get in touch with nature and yourself. Boaters flock to these popular areas when the weather is nice, and there’s a good chance every single one of them has been capsized.

Preventing a Capsize

Although capsizing is a part of boating, it doesn’t mean it is without risk. Unless you know how to properly respond, you could become injured or even drown. Knowing what to do once you’re in the water is important, but with proper prevention, you may not have to experience it for yourself.

  • Balance. Perhaps the most important aspect of staying afloat has to do with balance. If the boat’s weight is unevenly distributed, the boat is likely to tilt over too far in one direction and throw you into the drink. Move your heaviest objects to the center of the boat. Additionally, make sure your passengers stay down low, as standing can cause the vessel to rock and eventually tip.
  • Stop the leak. If your boat hits an object and is left with a hole, shove something inside the opening to prevent water from gushing in. Bulky objects typically work best. Have your passengers help you bail out the water, starting at the end where it is pooling the most. Acting quickly could prevent your boat from tipping over.
  • Slow down. Driving too fast can cause the front end of your boat to rise up and flip over, particularly when the water is rough. When you notice a change in the waves, slow down and drive as slow as you safely can to prevent going for a swim.

The Andrew Kim Law Firm Can Help

Passengers put their lives in the hands of boat captains every time they step on board. You may think this person is responsible and able to drive the boat carefully, but he may not take his obligations seriously and his negligence could cause injury to you or someone you love.

The Andrew Kim Law Firm has helped many boat accident victims in the Seattle area receive the compensation they deserve, and we may be able to do the same for you. Contact us today to speak with an attorney about your situation and find out how we may be able to help.