The insurance adjuster recommended a body shop for repairs after your accident. It is important to know that you are entitled to choose your own repair shop.

Should I take my vehicle to the repair shop the insurance adjuster recommends?



When your vehicle sustains damage in an accident, the insurance adjuster will likely recommend a body shop in the area for the repair. The adjuster will tell you that the recommended body shop offers “top of the line work” and is certified.

As an accident victim, you want to do what you can to increase the chances of getting a fair settlement and quality repair work done to your car. So, you’ll likely go along with the adjuster’s recommendation—but should you?

Are “Preferred” Shops Really Preferable?

Before you trust the insurance company and go where the agent recommends, you should know these facts:

  • You can go wherever you want. The adjuster may push you to go where she recommends. The truth is, however, you can go wherever you want. Many accident victims are under the impression that their cars won’t be repaired unless they go where the adjuster advises, but that’s not the case. When looking for a repair shop, go to one that specializes in your vehicle’s make and model for the best results.
  • Your adjuster may get a bonus for recommendations. Unfortunately, there’s a reason why your adjuster is telling you about this repair shop, and it’s probably because she gets a bonus for doing so. The bonus could be monetary, or something as simple as a free lunch or donuts once a month. The bottom line is the adjuster likely has an ulterior motive.

When Your Insurance Company Takes Advantage of You

Insurance companies aren’t exactly known for being honest. If you have a dispute with yours, you can fight back. The Andrew Kim Law Firm wants to help you stand up for your rights. We have helped many accident victims in the Seattle area get the compensation they deserve, and may be able to do the same for you. Contact us today to learn how.