Children and teens wait at bus stops in the Seattle area every day. Parents can increase their chances of staying safe by setting rules.

How can I keep my children safe while they are waiting for the school bus?



You’ve recently moved and your daughter is about to start her first year at Whitman Middle School. You are aware that traveling on school buses is one of the safest modes of transportation. You also don’t have time to drive her to school before you go to work, so you are allowing her to take the bus.

She will have to stand at a bus stop in your neighborhood and wait for it to pick her up. Bus stops put children at risk for a variety of reasons, but enforcing bus stop ground rules increases her chances of staying safe.

Bus Stop Safety Tips

  • Stay at the bus stop. Insist that your daughter never walks away from the bus stop once she is there unless she is walking on her way home. Her friend may ask her to accompany him back to his house to pick up the lunch he forgot or a misplaced notebook. However, walking away puts your daughter at risk for getting injured in a pedestrian accident, lost, or missing the bus to school. Train your child to stay in place.
  • Do not talk to strangers. Bus stops are the perfect place for predators to stalk children. Many have plans to engage the children and encourage them to walk away from the bus stop with them. Alert your child of these dangers and prohibit her from ever talking to a stranger.
  • Do not roughhouse. Playing around with friends at the bus stop could lead to a serious accident. If the children are chasing each other around, one could accidentally run into the road and become struck by a vehicle. Tell your child not to roughhouse or play around at the stop, as doing so could end tragically.

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If you know someone with a child who takes the school bus, we encourage you to share this information with him or her!